I offer really bespoke fitness and nutrition coaching tailored specifically to your aims.

Elements I work into your bespoke programme:


·         Strength/Resistance Training  Resistance training has proven effective in decreasing the rate of muscle loss, strengthens bones, stabilises joints and is even cited as lessening your chances of developing dementia.  


Women often worry that strength training will make them big.  As women don’t have as much testosterone as men most women will not develop significant size no matter hard they try!


·         Cardiovascular Training  Usually interval training; involving alternate periods of high intensity exercise with periods of rest of low intensity.  This is beneficial for utilising different energy systems and can aid weight loss, through influencing basal metabolic rate and post exercise calorie burning.


·         Flexibility Training  This is to encourage a full and natural range of movement about your joints. 


·         Motor Skills   I aim to make your training functional in nature with the aim of improving your agility, coordination, speed, power, reaction time and balance.


·         Nordic Walking  I also offer the option of Nordic Walking technique tuition and walks – either  personalised or in a small group.  Nordic Walking tones both your upper and lower body.  Done correctly it also burns approximately 20% more calories than ordinary walking.


·         Nutrition  Good nutrition is vital for optimum health and fitness  As a qualified nutrition coach, I advocate building this into your programme.  This can either be general  or to specifically help you towards any weight loss goal.


One to One sessions

25 minutes or 50 minutes duration


multiple sessions

More Economical Multiple Session Packages

e.g. 8 sessions pre-paid



Nordic Walking

Either to complement Personal Training Sessions or Stand Alone


We offer a Free Initial Consultation to explore if this is right for you



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